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50 great horror films for Friday 13th and where to watch them

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Friday's is a brilliant day. It's the end of the working week, you have two days off to look forward to and sometimes there are two Coronation Street's on instead of one.

It's the night most of us visit the chippy and town is full of revellers experiencing the joys of that 'Friday feeling'.

No celebrity died on a Friday last year either*. All in all Friday's are pretty awesome.

That is, until someone decided to ruin at least one Friday for everyone every year or so.

Friday 13th is known the world over as being the unluckiest day of the year. 

There is even a fear of it, kind of, called Triskaidekaphobia (why isn't there a fear of Monday mornings then?).

Friday 13th sucks so bad that writer Victor Miller decided to base a horror film around it, which went on to spawn a murderous 12-movie franchise, a TV show and a bunch of books.

So we decided this year we would embrace the wretched day.  And in an ode to the franchise, bring you the best horror films to watch tonight.

Dare you delve into this box of shocks?

Friday The 13th (1980)
Well we had to start somewhere. Why not spend the night finding out what originally made Jason so miffed? If you wanted to watch the whole franchise on Friday 13th it is possible, it would take you 18 hours 33 minutes. WATCH IT ON: Apple iTunes/Google Play

Where to find the films on subscription, freeview and to rent:

*we presume. 

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