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Bristol Vs Cardiff Blues (ECC)

Is Wales in Europe? As far as Brexit was concerned they were, but as technically they are still part of the United Kingdom, does that now count? As Article 50 hasn’t been initiated yet I think we’re all still in, but yet Wales is a separate principality, (with a small p unlike their stadium) oh gosh, this is all so confusing … say some.

What that ‘some’ fail to recognise though is both England, Wales and indeed the United Kingdom will ALWAYS be in Europe. We aren’t leaving the Continent, just the political union. Whether we have a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit or indeed no Brexit at all, we will remain European. There was a lovely piece I saw in Private Eye recently, where someone had written in one of the tabloids that “there were no negative signs from Brexit yet”, not surprising said the satirical publication, seeing has we, at that stage weren’t any closer to a  Brexit than we were before the referendum.

A few months after that vote and our attention is turned to going back into Europe rather than leaving. #SamTeamSport were all gathered around my MacBook as we waited with baited breath to see who Bristol would be pooled with. It was fantastic to see our Crest amongst some of the bigger names in Europe. Would we be paying a visit to Russia, Romania, Italy perhaps? Nope. Cardiff, Bath and finally to our delight a little trip to Pau.

I excitedly started to dream about the banter that we’d have on the flight down, I started googling hotels and other things to do in Pau whilst we were there, even looking at some of the bars and clubs that me and the #SamTeamSport lads might visit whilst we were there, only to be terribly disappointed once the fixtures had been released and I realised that I’d have to be back in Bristol the very next day to fulfil my Stadium Announcers duties for Bristol City FC! My European dreams were shattered. No fancy beers with too much of a foamy head, no haggling with market sellers on the price of a lace table cloth for my mother in law as a gift. Instead … Wales (where I spend half my life anyway as my other half is Welsh) and Bath!!!! What cracking games they are going to be though, and quite frankly £8 on the train to Bath is much easier on the pocket than a flight to Krasnoyarsk!

Leaving Europe via Brexit might be the beginning of better times and something special for the UK , but let’s hope re-entering Europe is the start of something special for our boys.

C’Mon Bris! 

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