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Bristol Vs Saints

There are 3 rugby memories in my life that I think I’ll remember forever. The 1st was scoring the winning try against bitter rivals Burford in my school side when I was 14. My status saw a meteoric rise after that, proving that rugby really can change your life, I’d gone from being the slightly chubby awkward child, to the Saviour of 2nd Year rugby.

The second moment was as coach for an Under 14’s team I had taken on. We’d travelled to take part in an Inter-counties tournament and my rather dysfunctional band of boys managed to make the final. We didn’t win, but it didn’t matter, the pride of making the final was enough, and hearing them console themselves meant that everything I’d try to teach them about teamwork, respect, discipline and sportsmanship had sunk in.

The third was the moment last season when I knew we were safe. The chants of “We are going up … we are going up” began to ring around the ironwork of Ashton Gate, Olly Robinson turned to his family and said, come on, let’s go on the pitch and finally we knew the pain had gone, the struggle was over. Bristol Rugby were a Premiership side once more. I hadn’t played, or coached, or been involved in any meaningful way, but because of my unique access to the club for the podcasts and other media projects, I feel like I’m part of the family, as does every supporter, and that’s what’s special about this club. We’re all #OneTeam, even if Robbo does have to put up with my ‘unique’ line of questioning sometimes!

And so to this season. From a Sam FM point of view, we’ve struck a deal with Premier Rugby meaning that we’re able to introduce a brand new show called “Sam Rocks Rugby” a radio show unlike ANY other rugby show. Not only will you be able to follow the fortunes of the club by listening live on air, but you’ll get a mix of music second to none. NO waffle during breaks in the game, we’ll just whack a song on and the moment there is action to tell you about, we’ll cut the song and come straight back to the action. More details on SAM ROCKS RUGBY will be available soon at samfm.co.uk.

You can also still download the Pre-season special edition of The Breakdown, the official podcast of Bristol Rugby. Amongst the exclusive interview and unparalleled behind the scenes access, find out Callum Sheedy's new nickname, how Jamal Ford-Robinson relaxes of an evening and what new boy Nick Fenton-Wells thinks of his new home town. You can download the podcast from our website or subscribe via iTunes.

Sam FM is very proud to be the favourite commercial radio station of Bristol Rugby and we look forward to more special cross over features this season as we follow Bristol Rugby's return to The Premiership.

On a personal note, I can't tell you how excited I am for our 1st home game tonight in The Prem against Saints in this incredible stadium where every game now matters.  

Let’s do this … C'MON BRIS!

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