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World of Sport's Ian Downs is the leader of our gang, the ring master if you will. Not only heading up our breakfast show, but he’s also Sam FM’s Programme Director, so if you’ve got any complaints, his email address is below.

Life as Bristol’s Premier Celebrity (self titled) really isn’t as showbiz as it sounds though, Downsy loves nothing more than sitting in front of a History docco on TV, exploring old castles or reading about his hero Isambard Kingdom Brunel or the Industrial Revolution. 

Before his career in radio, Downs was training to be a PE teacher so his recent conversion back into a gym bunny was covering familiar ground. He’s Mr Bristol Rugby for Sam FM at the weekends (all the gear and no idea) and after 8 years in post is one of the Clifton Suspension Bridges longest serving official tour guides. 

He loves German cars, McBusted, hats, end of the month cheat days and being outside as much as possible with the only love of his life, Cassie a 9 year old Collie Lab cross he rescued when she was just 16 weeks old. He lives in Portishead (in a gated community as he’ll tell you, what he doesn’t tell you is the gates don’t actually meet in the middle) and hopes to retire to Cornwall soon and run an rescue centre for anything fluffy, as Downsy will freely admit, he much prefers the company of animals to people most of the time. 

Click here to see some pictures from the man himself.

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