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Think about how you feel when we play your favourite song, how happy you are when we tell you a joke, and how warm you feel inside when Downsy starts talking, weekdays at 4pm.

Well we've soaked up all that pleasure and squeezed it into a glass, especially for you...

Sam FM:

A white, yellow & red radio station, with a good balance of classic rock & pop.

Sam FM Ale:

A clean, delicious and refreshing bitterness with a balance of maltiness from the finest Maris Otter pale malt. This is followed by a distinctive dry fruitiness reminiscent of gooseberries, giving the ale a satisfying blend of flavours.

The lovely stuff is brewed by Upham Brewery, real ales handcrafted in Hampshire.

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Want to sell Sam FM ale at your pub and get your name on our hallowed pages?

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