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NEWS EXTRA: Woman's shock at discovering 'disturbing' message scratched into unopened biscuits

A woman from Southampton has spoken of her disbelief after finding the words 'I can see you' scratched into biscuits from a box purchased from her local Sainsbury's.

Hannah had sat down with her husband to open the new box she had bought from her local Sainsbury's store just after New Years Eve when she made the discovery.

The words had been etched into four separate biscuits to spell out the disturbing message. 

"My initial reaction was one of disbelief", Hannah said, "I couldn't quite comprehend why I was reading it, how it had got there?

"That disbelief of, 'am I really sat here in my living room reading words that had been scratched into the back of a biscuit?'

"We hadn't had anybody around, the biscuits had been in the house but we hadn't opened them until that evening, so we came to the conclusion that it was obviously a factory prank. 

"To have that intrusion on your safety and privacy did feel disturbing, even though it was a person doing it for a dare or for their own amusement."

Hannah took the biscuits back to the Sainsbury's store two days after she found the message.

The store apologised and gave her a £15 voucher as a goodwill gesture. Hannah said:

"I just wanted them to know what had happened because I felt that although no harm had been done in my situation, if I had been a more vulnerable person actually that could have been really, really frightening.

"They were highly apologetic, I have no problems with Sainsbury's I don't blame them as a company."

Sainsbury's has since launched an internal investigation.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the company said: 

"This would appear to be a prank, albeit an unfunny one. We're investigating with our supplier."

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